AI, ML & Data Science

Working with leading organizations across many industries, and AI maturity levels, Future Tech offers a comprehensive range of AI products and services, including highly-customized data science workstations, AI-powered cyber security solutions, consultative AI services and strategy, as well as staff augmentation and talent recruitment, and more. Future Tech helps organizations through every part of their AI journey, from inception to full-scale deployment and integration.

As organizations pursue AI capabilities, they value the expertise of Future Tech’s team of NVIDIA hardware and software experts, who help them enhance technical capability, data architecture, and identify key areas for process improvements. Our enablement programs offer organizations solutions and services that increase data science productivity, such as:

  • Strategy workshops to support AI conception and technical roadmaps;
  • Turnkey integrations for NVIDIA tools and software that accelerate AI workflows;
  • Review of AI use cases and best practices; and,
  • Strategic equipment recommendations

Do you and your team want access to the latest AI & Data Science solutions?

If so, fill out this quick survey to share with us your team’s data science activities, future goals, and how you can contribute to the community by being part of one of our mobile Data Science Workstation Demo Programs.

Typical programs span 12-16 weeks. Demo units are powered with NVIDIA RTX technology and equipped with our comprehensive data science stack, featuring common data science tools.

Celebrating AI & Data Science Thought Leaders

AI and Data Science are transforming the way business is done.

Future Tech is proud to celebrate the game-changing contributions that data scientists make everyday across numerous industries. Future Tech is a frequent sponsor of major industry events like NVIDIA’s GTC, the world’s leading conference for AI.

Future Tech actively promotes the accomplishments of industry leaders through our monthly podcast and webinar series with Data Science Central.

Do you know someone who should be a speaker or panellist for an upcoming Future Tech-sponsored GTC event or Data Science Central webinar?

Data Science Workstations

80% Reduction in End-to-End Data Science Workflows with Future Tech

Future Tech’s Data Science Workstations (DSW) can reduce end-to-end data science workflows by up to 80%, helping your team to work smarter, faster and safer.

Equipped with NVIDIA RAPIDS, Future Tech’s DSW integrates all the computing power needed – hardware and software – to help you plough through data.

Benefits include:

  • Lower costs than Cloud
  • Improved security
  • Better control your development environment
  • Multiple application use

NVIDIA RAPIDS enables enterprises to tap into GPU-accelerated machine learning (ML) with faster model iteration, better prediction accuracy, and the lowest data science total cost of ownership (TCO).

NVIDIA RAPIDS has a similar look and feel to working in Python, with optimized NVIDIA® CUDA® primitives. This allows you to accelerate your Python data science toolchain with minimal code changes. Also, no need to learn new tools.

Smart Business Solutions

Harness a suite of both programs and experts across:

  • Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Advanced Insights
  • IoT Future Tech

With an “ROI First” mindset, Future Tech offers a clear path to business transformation and success using this comprehensive toolkit to identify opportunities, design new systems, measure KPIs, and much more.,Modernize your data collection and analytics framework, or improve your customer experience with the help of machine learning. Future Tech’s AI consulting services provide a top-to-bottom, 360-degree view of your business, identifying opportunities for growth and how to get you there.

Our OEM Partners

Future Tech collaborates with a series of strategic alliance partners to deliver customized, integrated DSW build designs for a variety of OEM equipment. This includes HP (surrounding their line of Z Workstations), Dell Technologies and Lenovo.

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Let us help simplify your IT challenges.

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