Future Tech combines proven IT infrastructure solutions with a team of experts who know how to drive digital transformation. Our comprehensive solutions include - compute, network, hyper-converged systems, software-defined infrastructure, storage. VDI, or custom-built devices/appliances.

We streamline IT Program needs

By providing a single source for multi-vendor integrated solutions - both hardware and software - for Classified and Unclassified environments domestic and global, at an international level from the SCIF to the endpoint.

Examples include delivering complete IT infrastructure designs and stand ups for both servers and end points - SCIFs, racks, power, cooling, servers, storage, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), NAS, networking, data protection, virtualization, VDI, workstations, thin clients, laptops, SD-WAN and security - as well as architecture design, secure implementation and complete on going support of High Performance Computing (HPC) Clusters, AI/ML Clusters and DevSecOps environments.

High Performance Computing Clusters

Provided both general use HPC and application tuned HPC clusters with high-speed networking including InfiniBand.

Flight Data Analysis Icon

Flight Data Analysis

Data ingest from flight recorded data into a shared analysis/simulation environment. Provided the data ingest from the flight recorders to the server environment with shared storage. Provided the data analysis environment with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) including GPUs and thin clients.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Icon

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Provided HPC environments for CFD analysis including InfiniBand cluster connectivity and high-speed shared storage.

Manufacturing / CAD Icon

Manufacturing / CAD

Provided high speed GPU VDI environments for remote collaboration and design work. Both the full data centre infrastructure and end user workstations/thin clients implemented with SD-WAN connectivity.

AI/ML Clusters Icon

AI/ML Clusters

Provided HPC / GPU dense environments for both AI and ML applications.

DevSecOps Icon


Provided Enterprise Kubernetes management and DevSecOps environments across multiple hardware and software stacks.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Future Tech Experts Offering Free Consultation on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI)

Future Tech is helping many clients support their mobile workforce plans. As part of our efforts, we are educating companies about the benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). To learn how VDI can help your company, or how to improve your current VDI architecture.

Future Tech experts have performed major VDI architecture projects for Fortune 100 companies in the aerospace and defence industry, large healthcare networks, regional financial institutions, innovative architecture firms, and more.

Schedule a FREE VDI Health Check

Benefits of VDI

With a VDI architecture, desktops are delivered as a managed service from a data centre. Employees can use any device to access a virtual desktop, including a PC, Laptop, Phone or tablet.

Along with the added convenience and flexibility employees will have working on their preffered device/s, there are many other benefits that a VDI architecture can bring, including:

  • Improved Security
  • Ease of backups
  • Simplify desktop management
  • Save bandwidth
  • Performance

VDI, or more accurately, the Modern Digital Workspace, is an ideal solution for many companies. It allows employees to access the systems from anywhere, from any device, giving your team the flexibility and convenience they want, whilst keeping your data secure in your data centre.

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Let us help simplify your IT challenges.

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